Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Slow business

My ever growing love of the morning wasn't always what I would consider a love. It started with a fear I would wake up late which in turn resulted in rising ten minutes before my alarm. On days off I would get anxious that I needed to squeeze every last minute out of every day doing fun things and enjoying my days off as if my working days were torture. They went a bit like this... cleaning the house, washing my car, walk the dogs, grocery shopping, going to the bank, fitting in a pilates class, painting my nails now it's 6 pm and I must make dinner but I forgot the eggs and the laundry is not folded both of which will ruin my nails. In the back of my head thinking about if I had only set my alarm for an hour earlier it would have all been done.
I constantly consider spending my days "off" sleeping in with no alarm, sipping coffee in bed until noon and recovering from the bottle of wine I had the night before. Let's be honest I hope I can do that one day but for now I want to be productive on these free days. These images have helped inspire keeping my busy mornings calm.

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